Let's change the way mature women are perceived.

Women 45-plus don’t yet think of themselves as seniors. So why do we portray them that way? They are the most misrepresented group in marketing. As Gen-Xers are aging into the mature women category, they’re bringing with them a youthfulness, digital savvy, a current sense of style, and more. They’re highly educated, many of them work, and they are uber-influencers when it comes to purchase decisions. Give them the credit they deserve and suddenly you’re building their trust.

Mature women don't feel understood by marketers, because they aren't.


Not all women over 45 have gray hair and grandchildren, and need yogurt to stay regular.

Women drive 70-80% of all consumer purchasing.
Women 50+
Combined net worth:
$19 trillion.
53% of boomer women feel overlooked by product advertising because of their age.

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