Meet Frank + Candor.

An advertising agency
powered by women 45+ who specialize in marketing to women 45+.

The spending power of 45+ women is at its highest point in history. We bring decades of experience, shelves of awards, portals of research, and finely tuned marketing chops to this microtarget. We know them because we are them, so our messaging comes from a place of 100% authenticity. No BS. Just BFFs.

Women drive 70-80% of all consumer purchasing.
Women 50+
Combined net worth:
$19 trillion.
53% of boomer women feel overlooked by product advertising because of their age.

Where women rule.

Women 45+ are the key household decision-makers. They either do the spending or influence it. Sure, they make decisions on food, clothes, and cleaning products. But they also choose cars, computers, investments (women own the majority of stocks), health insurance, schools, vacations, and home improvements—and the list goes on. 

For more than 10 years, Gen Xers have been entering this category, bringing their digital savvy, sense of style, higher education, and careers. Treating them like they’re “old” won’t help, and ignoring them won’t loosen the purse strings.

Brand besties.

We know how to connect and build relationships with these super consumers, which translates into higher ROI for our clients.

How do you harness these mega-influencer women who control more than 75% of the world's economy?


How we work.



We’re total nerds when it comes to research, from getting instant feedback on buying behaviors through social media to collecting curated surveys on creative concepts.


The heroes of the story are women 45+. It’s all about what they want and how you can best answer their needs. It’s the seed of every creative story.


Ideas are generated, bounced, thrown out, culled, mulled, honed, and tested.

Only the strongest survive.

Things we make.

Pre-Roll Videos
Social Media Content
Paid Social Media Campaigns
Digital Ads

Style Guides
Image Library Content
Logo Design

Broadcast Commercials
Newsletter/Email blasts

I recommend Frank + Candor.

I turn to Frank + Candor whenever I have a complex branding challenge – they always come through with a spot-on concept.

Margot Warren, Director of Brand Marketing and CRM at Service Corporation International