Meet Frank + Candor.
An agency powered by women 45+ who specialize in marketing to women 45+.

The spending power of 45-plus females has grown at an upward trend for years, but now it’s at its highest point in history. Frank + Candor refuses to ignore this dominant demographic. In fact, it’s our primary focus. Not only do we bring decades of experience, shelves of awards, portals of research and finely tuned marketing chops to this micro-target. We know them because we are them. So our messaging comes from a place of 100% authenticity. No BS, just BFFs. We’re out to change the perception of older women in marketing, keep it real, and make a lot of friends along the way.

Mature women don't feel understood by marketers, because they aren't.


How we work.



We admit it. We're total nerds when it comes to research. Our methodology includes getting instant feedback from a panel of 45-plus women on things like buying behaviors, brand perceptions and creative concepts.


A brilliant creative concept doesn't just happen. It undergoes a metamorphosis. At Frank + Candor, we never jump right into ideation. We always begin with a clear objective.


After research and strategic planning, the real work begins. Ideas are generated, honed, bounced, thrown out, generated again, culled, mulled, tested, re-generated and so it goes. The difference is, we know mature women.

Brand Besties

After asset creation and production bring our ideas to life in various mediums, the trust test begins. Did you connect? Are you developing authentic relationships with your target? Building fans of your brand? Making best friends? That’s what we do. We create brand preference by creating real communications. And in turn that makes your brand real money.

Our team. Frank and full of candor.

Our team is hand-picked. We’re an agile agency that brings in specialists for project work, with a top-tier core group of award-winning talent. Authenticity has always been our secret weapon. It works well for us because it’s part of our make-up, too. We’re a group of frank and honest women who aren’t afraid to say what they we think. We welcome open dialogue with our clients and everyone with whom we work. In our experience, it nets the best work.

Debbie White

Founder/Creative Director
Originally from Texas, Debbie brings Southern warmth and inclusiveness to her high expectations for creative awesomeness.

Stacia Beer

Producer / Executive Producer
Stacia has spent over a decade producing national and local marketing projects. That said, she is a wearer of many hats. Seriously, she loves hats.

I recommend Frank + Candor.

I turn to Frank + Candor whenever I have a complex branding challenge – they always come through with a spot-on concept.

Margot Warren, Director of Brand Marketing and CRM at Service Corporation International